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Getting Married at Dudley Registry Office

Updated: Jun 1

Photos by Andrew Charles Photography

Have you booked your wedding at Dudley Registry Office?

Maybe you are thinking of booking your wedding in Dudley and are searching for the ideal venue?

As Priory Hall is located less than a mile from my home and I have photographed many ceremonies at the venue, I thought it would be helpful to provide an insight into the Registry Office and share my thoughts on why Priory Hall is an excellent wedding venue and might be the ideal choice for your special day!

Where is Dudley Registry Office?

Dudley Registry Office is located at Priory Hall, which stands in the centre of the beautiful Priory Park and 12th Century St James Priory ruins.

Address: Priory Hall, Priory Park, Dudley DY1 4EU

What are the facilities like?

  • There are two ceremony rooms, The Priory Suite and The Castle Suite as well as the statutory Registry Office.

  • There is a side entrance for wheelchair access and toilet facilities.

  • Ceremonies are performed every day from 10:00 to 16:00 for most of the year. In winter appointment times will vary according to daylight hours.

Priory Hall is situated in the grounds of Priory Park. There is no charge for parking at the Hall, in addition there is on-street parking available and nearby pay and display car parks.

The Priory Suite

Photos by Andrew Charles Photography

The Priory Suite is decorated to a very high standard of décor. It retains the original hand carved, full oak panelling, windows and stone fireplaces plus magnificent chandeliers.

The wedding cars are able to stop outside the entrance creating some fantastic photo opportunities.

The Priory Suite is a hugely popular venue, summer Saturday prime time slots often get booked up to two years in advance!

The History of Priory Hall & Ruins

The original priory was founded in 1160 by Gervase Paganel, in memory of his father. It was established as a dependency of the Cluniac Priory of Much Wenlock and was dedicated to Saint James. The priory was built from local limestone, quarried from Wren's Nest. In 1238, the bishop of Worcester and the bishop of Coventry and Lichfield came to an agreement as to the bounds of their respective dioceses whereby it was decreed that the town of Dudley, with its churches and appurtenances, should belong to Worcester, while the castle and priory should remain under the jurisdiction of the bishop of Coventry and Lichfield. The priory was dissolved in 1395, but refunded as a denizen priory soon after.

The priory was enlarged after being founded. A surviving piece of one of these enlargements is an archway to the Lady chapel area of the Priory, built in the 14th century, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It is believed that the Lady chapel was constructed by the Sutton family.

The priory was closed by King Henry VIII in the 1530s as part of the nationwide Dissolution of the Monasteries. Following the dissolution, the priory was granted to Sir John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland in 1540. Following his execution, the buildings fell into disrepair and became ruinous. In the 18th century, part of the ruins of the church had been used by a tanner, a thread manufacturer, and for grinding glass and polishing steel. The surrounding area became industrialised. The nearby pools were drained and in 1825, Priory Hall was constructed.

In 1926, Dudley County Borough council purchased Dudley Priory and the surrounding rural land as part of plans to develop a new residential area. Dudley Priory was incorporated into the new Priory Park, to serve the new Priory Estate.

In 1939, archaeologist Rayleigh Radford put stone lines in the grass to mark out the walls of rooms and cloisters in the priory. Rayleigh Radford also excavated medieval tiles which are now exposed at the surface.

Shout out to the Staff

As the professional wedding photographer the staff and Registrars are always in my experience very welcoming. They make every effort to ensure that each wedding is as special as can be and nothing is too much trouble.

Wedding Photographer's Point of view

The setting of Dudley Registry Office is absolutely ideal from a photography perspective. The main driveway directly outside presents a perfect beginning to a wedding album with the opportunity to photograph the wedding cars arriving under the grand backdrop of the Priory Hall.

During the ceremony beautiful pictures of the couple can be captured under the warm glow of the chandeliers, with plenty of natural light available from the large bay window. The original, hand carved, full oak panelling and stone fireplace help to create a truly elegant and decadent space for the occasion.

Photos by Andrew Charles Photography

The green space directly outside Priory Hall help provide excellent backdrops for the family and group photographs after the ceremony. Within the grounds of Priory Park there are the ancient ruins creating the perfect setting for some romantic portraits of newlyweds.

Photos by Andrew Charles Photography

I hope I have succeeded in giving you an insight into Dudley Registry Office and explained why I think it is an amazing Wedding Venue. Please visit the official website for booking details Should you need a professional wedding photographer to capture your wedding day, look no further.

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